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Wow, how time has flown dear readers. Thanks for stopping by today.

I have discovered that adding on another activity/job to an already overly full schedule is not an easy thing to do. The studio I teach at just started its own Contemporary dance company this year, and I was blessed to get to be a part of its creation. It was amazing, and I am so happy I get to work with such an amazing group of artists. Unfortunately many other things had to get pushed to the sidelines during the intensive rehearsal process, and CorKnits was one of those things.

With our first, very successful production (both nights of our performance were sold out!) done, I have a little more free time. It is true that The Studio’s annual end of year production is coming up, but it doesn’t seem to take up quite as much time. Maybe it’s just that I’m more used to the demands of it, as this will be my 25th Spring Production I’ve been involved in. And it’ll be my 15th show as a teacher! Wow, time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Now here I am with a random free Monday, until I go teach this afternoon. What’s a girl to do with some free time on her hands? Take some time to reconnect with some readers out there. 🙂

Today, I have a short story to share with you. The story of another random Monday off. I hope you enjoy it –

“The great malady Spring Cleaning overtook me today and it, coupled with the Second Year of The Moth War in my kingdom of Home, pushed me to the point of no return today. This great fever, and battle, required the complete evacuation of the territory of Cupboard and the whole plain of Counter. Even my good friend, and powerhouse, Microwave was of no use and had to be forcibly removed for its own good. I am happy to report that Toaster was much more reasonable, and seemed to enjoy its move as it was necessary to remove The Crumbs before proper evacuation was possible.

The great weapon of The Bleach Cleaner was liberally wielded, and along with the faithful Pandoran’s -Katy Perry and Mumford & Sons – great good was done. Sadly several occupants of Cupboard had to be exiled to The Garbage as it was discovered they were secret bastions of the dreadful Moth scourge.

There was understandably a change of habitation for several in the resettlement of Cupboard and Counter, but all appears to be quiet and peaceful at this time. But only time shall tell if this, the great battle of A Free Monday Morning, has won us the war, or is simply another chapter in this epic tale.”

What do you like to do with random free time? I’d really like to hear your stories too.



By the way a great big thank you to Jeremiah from www.jqpdx.com for recommending I use my story of “The great battle of A Free Monday Morning” here. He’s a pretty snazzy fiction writer, and I’m sure he’d love to have you stop on by. ^_^